This Privacy Notice explains: who we are, the activities of the SOH Videography and Photography Team, how we use the film and photographs we take, our lawful bases for processing, our relevant retention periods, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

This notice provides information that is in addition to any photography and film privacy notices, consent forms and signage which may have been in place at the time photography / filming took place. Please do read this notice to understand our practices and if you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details provided below.

Who we are

Throughout this notice, “SOH”, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to the “Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium”). The SOH is the Data Controller in respect of the personal data you provide as part of event.

Ensuring you know that photography or videography is taking place

Wherever possible we will ensure you know when photography or videography is taking place in the following ways:

Advance notice of our intention to photograph / film within event booking forms, event invitations, event information etc.

Comprehensive signage at prominent locations, entry and exit points to the event.

Our University photographer / videographer will be clearly identifiable.

Our University photographer / videographer will approach clearly visible and identifiable individuals to verbally inform that a photograph / film has been taken.

Photographer / videographer ‘contact cards’ to be issued as applicable.

The personal data we process

Photographs and filmed footage.

Where you have given us your consent and as applicable, your name, course of study, country of origin.

Please note that video footage or quotations may be edited to keep them concise. We will not change the meaning of what you have said when editing.

Where any other personal data is collected, you will have been specifically informed of this at the point of photography and filming.

The purposes of our photography and filming

The photographs and film we capture are used for our marketing and promotional purposes; this includes:

Promoting specific SOH initiatives explained at the point of photography or filming.

Promoting the SOH, our event, our activities, our services, and our research.

To various audiences, including Irish and international prospective students, parents, research and other funders, policy-makers, benefactors, the public and other stakeholders.

The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data

The images and film we take will likely be placed into the public domain. This includes within SOH publications, printed media, prospectuses, on the SOH website and other related websites, SOH social media accounts.

As such, published photographs / film are available to anyone who has access to the website, social media channels or printed materials etc in which the photo or video features.

The original photographs and videos will only be accessible to administrators  of the SOH, or third parties that process data on our behalf (e.g. printing providers, digital asset management suppliers).

Our lawful bases for processing

Legitimate interests – We have a legitimate interest to be able to promote the SOH using photography / videography, as explained under the Purposes heading. We make every effort to ensure you are aware when photography / filming is taking place and to minimise any privacy impact. You are able to opt out of photography / filming as explained below. Where relying on legitimate interests and as appropriate, we will use ‘depth of field’, and distance/ framing to avoid direct identification to minimise privacy impact.

Consent – Where appropriate, we may seek your consent to photograph / film you. This will be done with specific written consent forms, either electronic or paper based. We will likely rely upon this lawful basis where you are more prominently featured within the photography / videography.

Withdraw consent or opting out

Prior to or during the event

If you are attending an organised event at which there may be photography or video recording taking place. You can let us know by contacting: (dara dot walsh at ul dot ie) stating the event you will be attending and when. We may provide you with a badge, armband, lanyard, or other discreet identifier, so our event photographer is aware that you have opted out. We will make every effort not to capture or retain any images or footage of you.

If you have not been able to let us know in advance or have any questions or concerns at an event, please direct these to the photographer or videographer on site. We will ensure that the event photographer will be clearly identifiable.

Post event

If we have collected your consent or you wish to opt out post event, once photography / filming has taken place you can withdraw your consent / opt out by writing to (dara dot walsh at ul dot ie) with the subject line: ‘Withdrawal of consent for photography’, stating: your name, the event you attended and date. Where we are unable to identify you, we may have to ask you to provide a recent photograph to assist us to complete the deletion. This will also be securely disposed of once disposal of photography / film has taken place.

Please note: that although we will stop using your image in current publications we continue to control / digital publications and in any future publications, we will not be able to remove any printed copies which have already been published and are out in the public domain. Withdrawing your consent / opting out will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we conducted prior to your withdrawal.

Data retention

We will retain personal data for no longer than is necessary in accordance with the SOH Retention and Disposal Schedule. Where we have collected your consent, the consent form used will have contained a specific retention period after which we will dispose of the photography / videography or seek to refresh your consent. We will seek to refresh your consent using the contact information provided within the consent form.

Where such a consent form has not been used, we will use and retain photography / film for a period of five years from the date of the event, at which point we will dispose of the photography / film. Please note that after deletion the information may still appear in materials already in circulation prior to this date.

Your rights in respect of the processing

The GDPR provides data subjects with the following data subject rights:

The right to be informed – this privacy notice, event signage and any applicable consent forms / privacy information provided assist with fulfilling these obligations.

The right to object / withdraw consent, right to restrict processing, right to erasure – please see ‘Withdraw consent or opting out’ above for information about how to exercise these rights.

The right of access, right to rectification, right to data portability – please contact the University Data Protection Officer using the contact information below to exercise these rights.

Please note, that these rights apply in certain circumstances, for example according to the lawful basis utilised by the SOH. The right of access to personal information held about you exists in order to be aware of, and verify, the lawfulness of the processing.

Contacting us

For questions or concerns about this Privacy Notice, or our use of photography / film, please contact [(dara dot walsh at ul dot ie)] in the first instance.

Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

Updates to this privacy notice

We may update this privacy notice from time to time in response to changing legal, technical or business developments. When we update our privacy notice, we will take appropriate measures to inform you, consistent with the significance of the changes we make.