Saturday 2nd March, 2024

School of Medicine, University of Limerick

S8 – General/Vascular SessionGEMS0-016Link to Details
S9 – Orthopaedic Session IGEMS1-028Link to Details
S10 – Anaesthesia Session IGEMS0-034Link to Details
S11 – General Session 2GEMS1-016Link to Details
S12 – Orthopaedic Session IIGEMS1-028Link to Details
S13 – Head & Neck SessionGEMS1-036Link to Details
Anaesthesia UpdatesGEMS0-034Link to Details
Sir Thomas Myles LectureGEMS0-016Link to Details

P2 – Orthopaedic PostersLink to Posters Order
P3 – Anaesthesia PostersLink to Posters Order
P4 – Head & Neck PostersLink to Posters Order


CMR – Versius Surgical RobotLink to Details

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