Conflict of interest/Disclosure Form

Conflict of interest/Disclosure Form (ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest)

COI Form can be downloaded here

This form is a requirement of out publishers (MAP Journal) to allow your abstract to be published and assign it a DOI.
Please returm all completed forms to

The form should be opened using the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC desktop app that can be downloaded for free here

This document will not open in the “chrome extension” version of Adobe reader of any online PDF reader.
When completing the form please include the identifying Number (Abstract Reference Number- example Abstract Reference No. is  SOH23ABS_XXX) if you have one
When the form is completed save the file as your reference number to your desktop.  The file can then be added to a reply to this email.

If you see the error below you are trying to open the for using a web browser plugin which will not work, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC desktop app is required.