Oral Presentations Instructions (Sessions Only)

Oral presentations are 7 mins in length with no limits on the amount of slides.

Google slides is recommended but PowerPoint or Keynote should also work.

You will be presenting off your own PC/Mac (like Zoom/Teams) using screen sharing

After the 7 mins presentation the chairs may ask you questions for up to 2.5 mins allowing 30 seconds for change over to the next presenter.

If your presentation contains videos you will need to inform the technical team.  As sharing videos can be choppy when presenting, the team will play your video on a queue from you.  These videos will need to be shared through a link to a public video on YouTube/Vimeo (public but hidden is recommended).

If possible please avoid using complicated moving graphics and transitions (They may not play as expected).

As this years SOH in virtual a 16*9 slide (1920*1080) should be used but this is not mandatory.

You should login to your session 30mins before the session starts using a specific link that will be sent to you a few days before the meeting.

The Live event team (Catapult) will give you the opportunity to test your presentation during the technical checks, we recommend you take this chance to confirm your presentation works as expected.

You should attend the technical checks from the same location you intend to present from using the machine you intend using as any firewall, internet speed or software compatibility issues can be resolved at that stage.

Please use Google Chrome when attending the technical checks and Live event meeting on the Hopin.com platform.

It is recommended that you send a backup of your presentation to dara dot walsh at ul dot ie as a backup that can be used should your own system fail.  This backup will need to be a finalised version of the presentation and must be sent before the 27th of February.  After this date no changes can be made to this backup.