Privacy Policy

The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium fully respects an individual’s right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium. Any personal information which is volunteered to the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003. This statement is not deemed to be a contractual undertaking.

Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium – Website Privacy

This Privacy Statement explains the privacy guidelines that the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium has adopted for its websites. This policy relates to websites hosted under the domain only. The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of external websites. Within the domain one may find websites over which the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium has no editorial responsibility or direct control. At times, links to these websites are not always clearly identifiable. Such sites can include the websites of sponsors etc. While Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium encourages compliance with this web privacy statement at such sites, please consult the privacy statements of individual sites or contact the persons responsible for those sites, in order to understand the policies and practices under which they operate.

Processing of personal information on website

The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium does not collect any personal data about web visitors on this website. Information provided is used by the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium only in accordance with the purpose for which it has been provided and will only be retained for as long as required for the purpose. The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium will not retain any personal information about its web visitors on this website without permission save in cases where the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium is required by law to do so, such as the investigation of a criminal offence by the Gardai, or a breach of the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium web-related policies, procedures or guidelines.

Processing of technical information on website

This website does not use cookies, apart from temporary “session” cookies which enable, for example, a visitor’s web browser to remember which pages on this website have already been visited. Visitors can use this website with no loss of functionality if cookies are disabled from the web browser.

Technical details in connection with visits to this website may be logged on the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium server for accounting and auditing purposes (e.g. Computer IP number). It is the policy of the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium not to disclose such technical information in respect of individual website visitors to any third party unless obliged to disclose such information by a rule of law. The technical information will be used only for statistical purposes.

It should be noted that technical details, which the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium cannot associate with any identifiable individual, do not constitute “personal data” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1988 and Data Protection (Amendment) Act, 2003.


The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium has adopted this Privacy Statement for its websites. The Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium reserves the right to review and amend this statement at any time without notice in light of legislative or other requirements and the statement should be accessed regularly for the most up to date Privacy Statement.

Further Information and Contact Details

Further information on data privacy rights is available on the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium website www. and the website of the Data Protection Commissioner Please contact the Information and Compliance Office at the Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Symposium on queries relating to the processing of personal data on this Website.
Email: daradotwalshatuldotie or Phone: +353 (Zero)SixOne 485296