Should the questions outlined below fail to meet your enquiry, please contact us thru our contact page here

  • I have not heard if my abstract has been accepted after five working days of submission

Check your e-mail first to see if there is an e-mail waiting for you and then contact Kara thru the contact page, who will check for you and confirm

  • Who do I submit my power point presentation to?

You have to send your power point presentation to Aleksandra(dot)Chilikina(at)ul(dot)ie three days prior to the meeting.

  • Can I bring my presentation for downloading on the day?

No. We need the abstracts submitted 3 days prior for system checks and to ensure that there are no problems with them. This also is the main contributor for time delay at the meeting

  • What dimensions should my poster be?

It should be A0 – Portrait (0.83m width x 1.15m Length) and the poster MUST be erected on Friday, 2nd March on the first floor of the GEMS Building before 10am.