Acute Medicine PoCUS

Acute Medicine POCUS Course Details 

As part of Sylvester O’Halloran Perioperative Conference 
These course details have been agreed with Professor Mike Watts & UHL Training Lead Dr John McManus, UHL 
Aimed at GIM SpRs & all doctors practicing acute medicine/critical care medicine 
20 places on a first come first served basis – 10 spots held for GIM SpRs until Feb 21st 

March 3rd, 2022: 9-4pm; CERC Tutorial Room 7 & 8, UHL 

 Programme (5 Stations):

  • Vascular Access – PoCUS for peripheral cannula insertion 
  • Cardiac PoCUS 
  • Lung PoCUS & Thoracocentesis 
  • Abdominal PoCUS & FAST scan; Discussion of Ascitic drainage 
  • PoCUS for Lumbar Puncture 


Professor Jennifer Ni Mhuircheartaigh, Dr Julie O’Brien, Dr John Rutherford, Dr Alex Dudina, Dr Catherine Nix & colleagues 

 Participant Fee: 

 €150 (Registration of interest required to access BIC/IBAN details) 


  • Dr Catherine Nix (Course Director) 
  • E-mail only 
  • From Feb 25th additional Admin support available and will be listed on the website 

Short timeframe to organize participant spots – Previous RCPI course cancelled because of Covid 

Covid precautions: FFP2/3 for all; Temperature check; Vaccination & Booster status check on admission 

How to register: 

  1. Ensure you are available to attend on March 3rd, 2022 (at University Hospital Limerick, CERC Building).
  2. E-mail 
  3. Add the following details: GIM SpR Yes/No; Current job (SHO/Registrar & years of experience); Do you do Acute Medical On-Call/ICU on-call currently Yes/No; Hospital you are currently working in. 
  4. Depending on availability of places you will receive a BIC & IBAN. Places will be confirmed on receipt of payment – Account will be checked once per day. 
  5. Please be aware e-mail contact has full clinical workload. If course undersubscribed, I will work with local UHL NCHD rotamasters to fill spots. 
  6. Apologies in advance for awkward logistics and short timeframe.
    #SOH2022 has provided an opportunity to teach PoCUS so the course director is running with the opportunity.