SOH2022 Schedule

Thursday 3rd March, 2022

Acute Medicine PoCUS CourseTutorial Room 7&8,
CERC Building, UHL
Link to Schedule

Friday 4th March, 2022

S1 – Clinical BreastRoom 1Link to Schedule
S2 – Colorectal SessionRoom 2Link to Schedule
S3 – Video SessionRoom 3Link to Schedule
S4 – Vascular SessionRoom 1Link to Schedule
S5 – Urogynaecology Room 2 Link to Schedule
S6 – General Session I Room 3 Link to Schedule
The Paul O’Byrne LectureMain StageLink to Schedule
S7 – Plenary SessionMain StageLink to Schedule
Nursing MasterclassRoom 1Link to Schedule
Sylvester O’Halloran LectureMain StageLink to Schedule

Saturday 5th March, 2022

S8 – General Session IIRoom 1Link to Schedule
S9 – Orthopaedic Session IRoom 2Link to Schedule
S10 – Anaesthesia SessionRoom 3Link to Schedule
S11 – General Session III Room 1 Link to Schedule
S12 – Orthopaedic IIRoom 2Link to Schedule
S13 – Head & Neck SessionRoom 3Link to Schedule
S14 Paediatric AnaesthesiaRoom 4Link to Schedule
Sir Thomas Myles LectureMain StageLink to Schedule

Poster Sessions

P1 – General PostersVideo Poster AreaLink to Posters
P2 – Orthopaedic PostersVideo Poster AreaLink to Posters
P3 – Anaesthesia PostersVideo Poster AreaLink to Posters
P4 – Head & Neck Posters Video Poster Area Link to Posters