Cardiac & Musculoskeletal Sonoanatomy

Cardiac & Musculoskeletal Sonoanatomy for ULGEMS 2nd year Medical Students
UL GEMS & ULHG in the CERC (2nd floor)
Dr Catherine Nix (Co-ordination), Mr Tim Sillery (Admin) & Colleagues


Dominic Harmon (DH) Consultant Anaesthetist & Pain Physician UHL 
Julie O’Brien (JOB) Consultant Radiologist UHL 
Catherine Nix (CN) Consultant Anaesthetist Intensivist UHL 
Cian McDermott (CMcD) Consultant Emergency Medicine Mater 
Kiran Reddy (KR) Specialist Anaesthesia Trainee Yr 3 UHL 

Tom Kiernan (TK) Consultant Cardiologist UHL 
Irene McCormack (IMcC) Cardiac Physiologist (Echo) UHL 
Karina McNamara (KMcN) Cardiac Physiologist (Echo) UHL 
Rory Whelan (RW) Consultant Emergency Medicine UHL 
Deirdre Edgeworth (DE) Specialist Anaesthesia Trainee Yr 4 Tallaght 
Cormac O’Connor (COC) (To Be Confirmed) Senior Specialist Trainee Cardiology 

Ultrasound Sonoanatomy Volunteers – Many thanks 

Musculoskeletal – Need to scan Popliteal Fossa & Achilles tendon of one leg at least 
Ateeya Vawda (AV) 
Dana Madigan (DM) 
Maria Argiros (MA) 
Maire Gaffney (MG) – Breaks to other sonoanatomy models 
Alex Hall (AH-Depends on Psych schedule) 

Cardiac – Need to scan PLAX, PSAX & Subcostal at least. 
Ross O’Shea (ROS) 
Marc Mullen (MM) 
Ciaran Reynaud & colleague (CR) 
Michael Brown (MB) – Breaks to other sonoanatomy models 

Feel free to swap – Alex & Michael (MUSE) are in charge please! I will need sonoanatomy volunteers to wear clothes that they don’t mind getting ultrasound jelly on please. We will bring paper towels but feel free to bring your own towel. Sometimes people complain that they get a bit cold so please swap – that is why I’ve spent a bit of time looking for more than 6 volunteers! There will be a consent form to sign if you are being scanned – please do not feel compelled to do one station in particular and if you wish to change/not do a particular station please let me know – there are lots of different jobs in this program. I am all about equal opportunities/ equity of opportunity if people want it. If someone wants to help Tim Sillery with the admin instead of doing the US volunteer job and Kathleen or Jenna are happy to swap – fire away. The more different stations/jobs you do the more you will learn. 

Assistance with NCHD group of volunteers: 
Dr Ciaran Reynaud UHL SAT 1 

Medical Student group helping Tim Sillery 
Kathleen Vannelli & Jenna McEwen-Doris 
Help with Student sign in, getting students to stations on time, getting students from bus to CERC on time, getting feedback forms filled and collected, getting consent forms filled and collected, photographs and image forms. 


Overall Programme for the day

07:30             Room Set up

08:15             Tutors & Volunteers arrive – Check machines/prelim scan/Q&A

08:50             First group of students start to arrive

09:00             First session with swap at 09:30hrs

09:50             Second group of students start to arrive

10:00             Second session with swap at 10:30hrs

11:00             Coffee

11:20             Third group of students start to arrive

11:30             Third session with swap at 12:00hrs

12:30             Lunch

14:00             Ultrasound (PoCUS)Research & Planning meeting – All welcome 
Facilitators: Catherine Nix, Cian McDermott & Natasha Slattery
Faculty & MUSE (Medical Students for US Education) may wish to stay
Draft proposal to UL GEMS for an integrated ultrasound curriculum & progress to date – Short presentation & discussion
Postgraduate programs – progress to date (Intern Network & FICE)
We will discuss management of images on sonoclipshare & mentoring

15:15              Close

16:15              Sylvester O’Halloran Debate
 “The new surgical training program is a success”
Prof Kevin Barry vs Mr Gerry McEntee
Chair: Prof Des Leddin
UL GEMS Building – GEMS0 – 016

17:45              Sylvester O’Halloran Lecture
Cancer Control: The Next Decade – Dr Jerome Coffey
Chair: Prof Calvin Coffey
UL GEMS Building – – GEMS0 – 016

Note: The session will run in half hour blocks from 9 am until all the students are taught so the named faculty may not be present throughout the entire day.